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Powering Sustainability | Solar at Accredited

The importance of sustainability permeates everything at Accredited Investors Wealth Management. It is a main consideration in Accredited’s own business succession planning, as we implement a strategy to ensure a sustainable future for our firm. But it is also the driving factor behind our decisions to install prairie restoration landscaping and introduce bee apiaries on our property, and to add an electric vehicle charging station for our clients and staff members.

That focus on sustainability was also the reason for installing a solar panel array on the roof of the building at Accredited in late 2015.

We are often asked questions about our solar installation, including just how much green energy we are able to produce. Considering we are a financial firm, you might think our first instinct would be to simply list the numbers – after all, measuring energy output is a relatively straightforward mathematical calculation.

However, as we have learned through serving our client families, numbers rarely hold meaning simply on their own. It’s only after adding context around the numbers that true value can be revealed. So, with that thought in mind, we’d like to share some relevant statistics about the immense environmental benefits produced by our installation, that put our solar energy efforts in perspective.

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Policy Pairings Event – Electrifying Mass Transit

Accredited Investors Wealth Management is proud to once again be the Lead Series Sponsor for Fresh Energy’s Power Pairings Breakfast Series for the 2016 Program. Each event in the series brings together two experts to share their perspectives and participate in a conversation about key energy issues facing Minnesota.

This year’s series kicked off with the topic: Fully Charged | Can Minnesota transition to electric buses?

Although much attention has been garnered by the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market in recent years, this Power Pairing discussion highlighted the huge opportunity presented by the conversion of America’s public transportation bus fleet from diesel to electric.

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