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Policy Pairings Event – Electrifying Mass Transit

Accredited Investors Wealth Management is proud to once again be the Lead Series Sponsor for Fresh Energy’s Power Pairings Breakfast Series for the 2016 Program. Each event in the series brings together two experts to share their perspectives and participate in a conversation about key energy issues facing Minnesota.

This year’s series kicked off with the topic: Fully Charged | Can Minnesota transition to electric buses?

Although much attention has been garnered by the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market in recent years, this Power Pairing discussion highlighted the huge opportunity presented by the conversion of America’s public transportation bus fleet from diesel to electric.

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Crude Oil versus Crude Oil Funds

From 2014 levels, crude oil has fallen nearly 70%. Over the past twelve months, investors have deposited around $3 billion in funds tracking the price of oil in what has, so far, been a futile search for a bottom. Recently, we’ve received interest in investing in commodities, especially within the energy sector, from a few of our clients. There are a number of products that attempt to track the price of oil. However, many of the investors who poured money into these funds may have been unaware that these funds don’t exactly do that. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between buying a barrel of oil or more conveniently, buying a fund that attempts to track the price of oil.