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Levin: How to keep fear or greed out of your investment portfolio

Gains & Losses / January 12, 2020

In preparation for a client meeting, I e-mailed the client and said, “You can be greedy or afraid, but not both.” For a couple of years, this client basically said things like, “I am really worried about what is going to happen in the market; how can we get stock market returns without the risk?”

After a great 2019 in the markets, I suspect that many of you may be experiencing similar thoughts. You can’t get great returns without risk. It is not possible. Fuhgettaboudit. Fear and greed are consistent combatants in a tug-of-war that leaves you emotionally battered and more reactive than necessary. Rather than being ping-ponged with the news or market fluctuations, here is a better approach.

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This article originally appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on January 12, 2020.