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Levin: How to get tax benefits from giving in the post-tax reform world

Gains & Losses / December 8, 2019

By: Ross Levin, CFP®

In the movie “Knives Out,” an 85-year-old mystery author of enormous means has decided he no longer wants to financially support any of the adults in his family.

Needless to say, he doesn’t live much longer after he tells them (this is not a spoiler), and the question of whether it was a suicide or a whodunit colors the film.

This time of year, much is spent on the whys of giving — it’s prosocial, it can make you happier, it can make money have less control over you — but we don’t often spend enough time talking about the ways of giving, be it to charities or friends and family.

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This article originally appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on December 8, 2019.