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Levin: Build on areas of agreement to resolve money dispute with partner

Spend Your Life Wisely / June 30, 2019

By: Ross Levin, CFP®

I have learned a lot in over 35 years of doing this. And I am still learning. But I can give you something I have learned which constitutes the greatest financial advice you will ever receive as it relates to dealing with money with your partner. No matter what needless package arrives, what cockamamie get-rich-quick scheme is suggested, or what conversation you are about to have for the umpteenth time, if you want to stay in relationship with your partner then never roll your eyes.

The eye roll is the ultimate action of contempt and, as Arthur C. Brooks writes in his book, “Love Your Enemies,” “No contempt is ever justified, even if, in the heat of the moment, you think someone deserves it.” Once the eye roll occurs, the conversation is over.

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This article originally appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on June 30, 2019.