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Solving the Medicare Puzzle – 2019 Edition

Medicare annual enrollment is right around the corner. Plan information and rates were announced October 1st with enrollment for 2019 coverage beginning October 15th through December 7, 2018. Now is the time for enrollees to brush up on the components of Medicare, examine some of the key changes for 2019, and review available options.

We provide an overview of the Medicare program components, and highlight some of the most significant changes to the program for the 2019 coverage year.

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Minnesota Residency Considerations & 2018 Taxes

As the leaves start to fall and the end of 2018 is in sight, it is a good time for those individuals who have split time during the year between Minnesota and another state to take a step back and determine where they stand in terms of residency status for Minnesota income tax purposes.

Minnesota has a rule that automatically considers an individual a resident for income tax purposes if they are physically within Minnesota’s borders for 183 days during the calendar year and also have a place of abode in Minnesota. This is true even if the individual is already considered a resident of another state. Those who intend to remain a non-resident of Minnesota for income tax purposes should keep the following points in mind.

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Financial Aid Q&A – FAFSA Opens on October 1st

It seems as if students were just picking out notebooks and pencils to kick off the school year. Even so, soon it will be time for students attending college during the 2019-2020 school year to start thinking about financial aid. How could it be we are discussing financial aid for NEXT school year?

On October 1, 2018, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (also known as FAFSA) opens for the 2019-2020 school year. The application is through the U.S. Department of Education and should at the very least be a consideration for college students each school year.

We provide some answers to relevant and important questions.


The Long Shadow of 2008

This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of the collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank, and with it the rapid descent into the global financial crisis. For many investors, it feels like only yesterday – and that fact may have implications for the next downturn, whenever it may come. 

What is the impact on investor behavior if the reference point associated with an economic recession is the near collapse of the global financial system?

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Aging Bull

According to recent headlines, this is now the longest running bull market in history. Although this statistic is much debated (short answer: they’re wrong but don’t get me started), there is no question that this bull market has been long. Age alone, however, is not a good way to evaluate the health of a market.


Legacy Planning & The Family Cabin

It’s summer and, in our part of the country, that likely means two things: road construction and weekends at the cabin.

While road construction is a source of stress, cabins are often a source of joy: the foundation for cherished memories of boating trips, fishing excursions, bonfires, and family time. But that joy can lead to stress as questions arise about how best to transition a tangible asset that is so intimately connected to those memories to the next generation.

Clients often ask us: “How do I keep the cabin in our family?” “Should I use a trust or other entity and if so, what type?” “How do I protect against future conflict between family members?” “What can we do to make the transition successful?” These are difficult but important questions for any family with a legacy property to consider.


“This time is different” for the Yield Curve?

The Treasury yield curve – a line chart displaying the current yields of U.S. Treasury securities at various maturities – is not a particularly widely-followed indicator outside of finance and economic circles. You won’t hear the current slope of the yield curve mentioned alongside the daily movements of the Dow and the Nasdaq on the evening news, for example. Over the last several months, however, the yield curve has received much attention, with pieces in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and NPR all tackling the implications of a “flattening” curve.


We hired a nanny. Now what about the taxes?

As the kids settle in to the first couple weeks of summer break, many parents have gone the route of hiring a nanny to supervise the kids while parents work over the summer. Although this is a common practice, what often isn’t fully understood are the tax implications that can arise when someone chooses this option for summer daycare. The details can seem daunting, but a few key points can help to clarify a potentially complicated requirement.


2018 Best Places to Work Award

For the fourth year in a row, Accredited Investors Wealth Management has been named one of the Best Places to Work by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal, in its annual rankings of companies with 25-49 employees. Click here for details.