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Our leaders guide the direction of our firm. These individuals have extensive technical backgrounds, are frequent speakers and teachers for other professionals, and are involved in local and national organizations with some of the most respected wealth management firms in the nation.
ROSS LEVIN, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, is Founding Principal and President of Accredited Investors Inc. He is a renowned expert and first recipient of the Financial Planning Association's Heart of Financial Planning Award and the inaugural recipient of Financial Planning Magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award. Long an industry leader, Mr. Levin has served as Chairman of the International Association for Financial Planning. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and daughters.

Ross Levin’s Personal Bio 

Don’t let money become a bigger piece of your life
than the things that truly matter more,
such as your friends and family
and your ability to make an impact
on the people you meet.

--Ross Levin

I have faced many hurdles, but putting myself through college at the University of Minnesota was probably the most significant. I lived in student housing where most of the kids had much more financially than I had. I was able to get jobs where I got paid for doing things that I loved; other jobs I took solely for the money. This helped frame my desire to work on things that I love.

I think that the death of my sister when I was a freshman helped me develop two guiding concepts: 1) impermanence – things never stay as they are; and 2) the preciousness of life. I also believe it’s often the small moments that bring meaning and joy to life.

I entered the wealth management field when both the business and I were young. When I was elected to the National Board of the International Association for Financial Planning at age 28, the President of the association wrote me a handwritten note telling me that he expected great things from me. I kept that note on my desk throughout my board tenure—including when I became chair. I’ll never forget how much that little gesture mattered.

Another example of a meaningful, memorable moment took place on a family trip to Ireland when our daughters were five. My wife and I hid a small table, chairs, and picnic basket in a field, and the girls discovered a magical leprechaun picnic. Using our resources and creativity to make lasting memories and rich experiences has been central to my philosophy of wealth management.

These are the things that matter to me: family, experiences, imagination, and finding the treasure in the seemingly mundane.

Ross Levin’s Certifications and Credentials
BSB from the University of Minnesota
Former Chairman of the International Association for Financial Planning, which is now the FPA
Former member of the Board of Governors for the CFP® Board of Standards


WIL HEUPEL is a Founder and the Managing Principal of Accredited Investors Inc. His primary focus is on building and preserving wealth. Mr. Heupel is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who holds numerous other certifications. He has appeared as an expert source in many publications. He is married with two daughters and enjoys family, friends, cooking, golf, and tennis. Wil and his family live in Minnesota, but like to get away to their Naples home. 

Wil Heupel’s Personal Bio

My life as a farm boy taught me to never quit.
The job of putting up hay for the winter or picking rocks
was difficult and could not be stopped until completed.
I believe anything is possible if you are willing to persevere.
You reap what you sow.

--Wil Heupel

I grew up on a farm with two siblings, my parents, and my grandparents all pitching in—no one was above a given job! We worked, played, and ate together as a family. And we wasted nothing. Old machinery was torn down and parts reused. At butchering time or meal preparation, we used every single bit.

My parents and grandparents really taught me to appreciate teamwork, never quitting, and the satisfaction of completing a task through hard work and dedication. My mother especially inspired me. She accomplished things many times her weight of 110 pounds. No job was beneath her, and she never complained about the work she did. On the farm, she did everything the guys could do and more.

My wife and father-in-law influenced my work ethic, too. They taught me that anything was possible, to believe in myself, and to have the confidence to go after my dreams.

All of these qualities were crucial when I changed careers at the age of 30. Leaving professional banking and helping to build Accredited Investors Inc. called for all of my perseverance, budgeting skills, and belief in my dreams.

What attracted me to this field is the ability to help people set and accomplish goals they never thought possible. My very best days are the ones in which my interaction and connection with clients result in a success or improvement in their life’s journey.

Wil Heupel’s Certifications and Credentials
MBA in Finance from the University of Minnesota
Master of Science in Humanities and Social Sciences from North Dakota State University
Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
Member of PACE – the Professional Achievement in Continuing Education
Currently serves as a Children's Legacy Advisor for The Foundation of Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota


BECKY KRIEGER is a Shareholder and the Senior Director for Wealth Management Teams at Accredited Investors. In her role, she ensures each client receives an exemplary experience from a talented team combining all disciplines of financial planning within a customized, comprehensive plan. Becky is a Certified Public Accountant and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who joined the firm in 2005 after spending five years in Private Client Service tax department within Arthur Andersen and Deloitte & Touche. She lives in Shakopee with her husband and three children.

Becky Krieger’s Personal Bio

Celebrate today as tomorrow is not guaranteed
Laughter truly is the best medicine; smiles are priceless
Accentuate the positives

--Becky Krieger

I was born into a family as the youngest of seven children and was a pleasant midlife "surprise" to my parents. While my siblings teased me about being the spoiled baby, I personally considered my arrival to be the proverbial icing on the cake. I learned the importance of a strong work ethic and self sufficiency at a young age. I spent every summer working in my mother’s enormous garden, planting, nurturing and harvesting vegetables. The dinner table was full of the freshest seasonal food gathered in our backyard. While my parents worked hard to provide for a large family, they introduced the importance of generosity as we would gather and deliver fruits and vegetables to relatives, friends, and neighbors. Anyone who visited our family farm was welcome to join us for the upcoming meal; somehow there was always enough to go around. My parents enjoyed celebrating and hosting parties and holidays at our home and influenced my desire to entertain and host special events for friends and family. We placed a premium on pausing long enough to celebrate life’s special moments; I always seemed to find something to commemorate in hopes it would translate into a special trip to the local ice cream shop!

Because I had siblings much older than me, and nieces and nephews very similar in age, key communication skills were necessary for survival in a setting that was typically quite loud and became increasingly crowded as the family expanded and evolved over time. Navigating the various personalities within a family of forty members instilled the importance of respect, support and privacy at an early age. We all were challenged with wanting our own space and having individual time with our parents. Thankfully, I was raised in an environment in which we were all treated fairly and felt like we were the only child in our parent’s lives. This experience translates into the many relationships fostered within Accredited. Every client has a unique story and I am grateful for their willingness to share their personal situation. The relationships we have with outside advisors and others within our community are essential to providing the level of expertise we deliver. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to commemorate numerous achievements with our clients; it is equally rewarding to walk beside clients through struggles and challenges as we explore alternate options. I am proud to be part of a generous firm that cares about our staff and community and urges us to pay it forward to a cause that speaks to the individual. We spend concentrated time each month celebrating employee accomplishments and client successes. Even though our Accredited family is constantly evolving and expanding, we have created a special environment in which clients receive individual attention and know their best interests are always top of mind.

Becky Krieger’s Certifications and Credentials

BS in Accounting from St. Cloud State University
Certified Public Accountant
Formerly served as President of the Minnesota Financial Planning Association


JACOB WOLKOWITZ is an Investment Manager with Accredited Investors Inc. His expertise includes investment analysis, equity research, and market strategy. Mr. Wolkowitz has served as an informational source and appeared in publications including The Wall Street Journal, as well as on television programs with CNBC and KSTP. He is married and lives in Minneapolis.

Jacob Wolkowitz’s Personal Bio

If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let ‘em go, because man, they’re gone.

--Jack Handey

My family taught me a number of important characteristics that inform my outlook as an investor. The first is to not be afraid to challenge authority or conventional wisdom. My grandfather was number two on Nixon’s Enemies list. On being informed of this, he stated, “Damn it, I should have been number one.” As the events of the last decade illustrate, not enough questions were asked and not enough wisdom challenged. We would all have been better off if more people were trying to look out for the best interests of the small investor. I gladly became a partner at Accredited Investors because I think, in our limited capacity, we do just that.

The second piece of advice is that there are always people who have been there before and I would be foolish to ignore their advice and guidance. The four most famous (last) words in investing are, “This time is different.” Some of the most cited investment books were written in 1923, 1934, 1949 and 1978. By placing events in historical context, I can more easily ignore the noise that frequently tempts people to imprudently change course. The path to investments success is surprisingly well worn as are the pitfalls. By trusting in the wisdom of others who have come before, I can more confidently guide those who come after.

The final piece of advice is you do not need to be serious to be taken seriously. The more difficult or stressful times get, the harder we need to laugh. As Joan Rivers once said to a heckler, “Comedy is to make everybody laugh at everything and deal with things, you idiot.” I try to remember that the most important person to laugh at is yourself and that helps me deal with things…you idiot.

Jacob Wolkowitz’s Certifications and Credentials

BA in Economics from Carleton College
Chartered Financial Analyst®





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